We All Dream of a Better World

We work hard to make this world a better place for us and our loved ones but there are many things that we cannot change. No amount of hard work can take away the grief and pain we often face. If only this world was different. 'The World We All Want' is a course where we explore God?s promise of a better world and what He has done and is doing to bring this about. It?s a great introduction to the whole bible story yet it doesn?t require you to know any of the bible to do it. It may even be an advantage if you know very little of the Bible story. Here?s what someone who has completed it says about it:?Like most people, I knew a few bible stories, but this course connected the whole thing together for me; and it helped me to see where Jesus fits in.? (Tim, 33). This seven week course is open to all. You can talk and ask questions or simply sit and listen whatever works best for you. It begins Friday 25th September at 7.30pm. We start with tea/coffee and biscuits and finish at 8.45. If you have any question please contact me on 07512677530. Andrew


Packed full of ... Bible Stories, Craft, Quizzes, Drama & Much More!

This year our Holiday Bible Club is called "Mission:Possible" and runs from Monday 29th June to Friday 3rd July.

It's for all children starting school in September, right up to those finishing P7 in June.

Friday night - we finish with a Sports Night for the kids and a family barbecue for everyone.

Sunday at 11 am - an all-age Shine Family Service in the hall, which will be decorated with the children's art and craft. Don't rush off at the end but join us for some refreshments.

Close Encounters

Try asking a parent the year a world event happened and they will often work it out through when their children were born ('oh, that happened when our eldest was 4 years old...'). But even the proudest parent would not expect the calendars to be reset when their first child was born. Yet our calendars were reset from the birth of Jesus Christ. 2015 means 2,015 years (approx.) since Jesus Christ's birth. Though Jesus is an historical figure he is not dead, he is alive. What do you think would happen if you met the One whose birth reset the calendars? Whatever might happen, it would be life changing. You would not, could not be the same again. 

In January 2015 we plan to run a 4 week course that looks at five people whose lives were turned around when they met Jesus. The aim of the course is to introduce us to Jesus Christ. And who knows maybe our lives will be reset through this Close Encounter with Jesus Christ.

If you would like more information about you course click the link below or ring me.
Andrew Dawson 07512677530


A message from Andrew Dawson Community Outreach Worker

So what will I be doing?
Jesus Christ is Lord. Yet there are many who haven't given much thought about how this truth impacts their lives. I look forward to getting to know people young and old in Dromara and having the opportunity to speak to them about who Jesus is and the difference He makes to our lives. I've begun by visiting families who sent their children to Shine, but I trust under God this will only be the beginning. I believe God when He says the church is the light of the World (Matthew 5v14-16). So I will also be encouraging God's church as they shine out to the world around them. A one man band can be fun to look at but an orchestra makes a much more beautiful sound.  I can be contacted at 07512677530 and would love to hear from you. Andrew